Laser Engraving Machine

Product Size —– 68x63x19cm / 26.77×24.80×7.48inch 

Product Weight —– 5 KG

Engraving Accuracy —– 0.01mm

Engraving Area —– 45x45cm / 17.72 x 17.72inch

Laser Module

Driving Mode —– External ACC Constant Current Drive

Power Supply Interface —– XH2.54 x 3P

PWM Port Input Voltage —– DC 12V

Beam Shape —– 0.1mm Point

Z-Axis For Laser Engraving Machine

Product Specifications —– GK Z-Axis Pro

Product Size —– 16.5×12.0x7.5cm

Product Weight —– 1.4 KG

Extended Support —– GK 4545 Pro

Draw Module For Laser Engraving Machine

Product Specifications —– GK Draw Module Pro

Product Size —– 17.5×7.5×6.0cm

Product Weight —– 0.13 KG

Extended Support —– GK 4545 Pro

Writing & Drawing Robot

Product Size —– 51x40x13cm / 20.08×15.75×5.12inch

Product Weight —– 4 KG

Engraving Area —– 34.5x24cm / 13.58 x 9.45inch

Drawing Accuracy —– 0.01mm

CNC Engraving Machine

Product Size —– 26x26x26cm (L*W*H)

Product Weight —– 4.5 KG

Engraving Area —– 13x9x4cm

Engraving Accuracy —– 0.01mm

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